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"The joy that comes from listening to music with friends is something that’s been around ever since…well, ever since music. Lisn offers you a way to listen to music with a friend, no matter how far apart you are, and chat about it right in the app."
"Lisn is intricately crafted with a simple and intuitive design; to help you discover music from your friends or share your favorite track with them — think of the app as a virtual way of sharing your headphones."
"[App of the Day] This makes the app especially useful if for example you are in a long distance relationship, or have friends who live far away."
"Sharing is caring. And music is especially fun when you come together to enjoy. With Lisn, it doesn't matter how far apart two people are."
"Humans are by definition social animals, and see greater gratification in doing some tasks in groups; be it watching movies or sports together, or going out for dinner. Music too is generally best enjoyed in groups. The app live up to its promise and provides an interesting way to discover and explore music."
"You may remember meticulously crafting cassette mix tapes for love interests and close friends. Lisn is an app that wants to bring back the joy of sharing music with others."
""It's like sharing earphones." The idea of Lisn appeals to us. This app connects friends and partners for synchronous listening to music together through Soundcloud and Spotify."
"Lisn has a very simple and intuitive design. The whole application revolves around two concepts: discover music and share music with others. We can think of the app as a virtual way to share our headsets with someone, and the truth is that the experience is very rewarding."
"The idea is that the best recommendations for new music may come from people who already know your tastes."
"Once installed, LISN allows multiple people to enjoy their favorite songs simultaneously, as if they were sharing the headphones a few feet away. Of course, even if they are thousands of kilometers away."
"The design of this app is very simple and intuitive, and is based on two goals — discover and share music with friends. ... listen to music with someone, virtually creating a rewarding experience."
"Who has not shared a handset walkman with a friend to listen to a song together? Lisn lets you do this, no matter where each of you are. "
"Besides letting you hear the same song in real time, the app has a chat through which we can share ideas with our friends."
"A great example of a new and futuristic app that is designed to recreate an age-old practice [of sharing earphones]"
"The nice thing about the app is that sharing and listening to music is pretty flawless. You can see exactly when your partner is playing a song, and then you can listen immediately and directly discuss."
"A decade ago you would share CDs. Now instead of sharing links, there's a new app to listen together."
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